This blog is a result of a passion for design and craft and the vision and skill required to create.

As a child I spent a lot of my time drawing and creating, but as the years passed this slowly dwindled away.  After embarking on an architecture degree and working for many years as a lighting designer my work slowly took me further away from creating with my hands.  After 20 years the desire to create started to niggle at me, so I started to return to the things that I enjoyed doing before.  The sewing machine was dusted off, the needle work came out and I embarked on courses from wood restoration to upholstery, rediscovering the art and enjoyment of creating.

Along this journey my curiosity led me to craft and design fairs and exhibitions where I discovered a thriving industry of creativity.  People designing and creating wonderful objects by hand.  My love of design and craftsmanship was reignited, I was bitten by the bug and have kept being curious, finding inspiration in the every day and discovering a plethora of talented designer-makers and craft lovers along the way.

With an ever growing pile of business cards and a passion to support the industry, this blog was born!

This is where I share my finds, get to know the designers and craftspeople themselves, attend craft and design events and share some of my creative adventures along the way. I hope to inspire others to be curious and to appreciate the beauty and skill of creating and to have some fun along the way.