Another Country Pottery Series

London Craft Week

Only 3 days to go until London Craft Week and I am buzzing in anticipation!  In it’s second year, London Craft Week 2016 has grown from 70 events in its first year to over 130 events across London in 5 days.  It’s an action packed programme giving access and a unique behind the scenes view of some of the top luxury craftspeople and brands from the UK and around the world.  Names such as Mulberry, Lalique and Wedgwood  sit beside lesser known names such as shoemaker Sebastian Tarek and tapestry weaver Ben Hyners.  Whether well known or not, they are all shining examples of the passion, skill and imagination of  craftsmanship.

Danny Lane

Steel Console, Danny Lane 2013 – Forged Steel, Scagliola    Photo: Peter Wood

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Made London Jonathan Rogers Glass

MADE London

One of my favourite places in London is Sir John Soane’s Museum, the home to one of the great English Architects who built and lived in the house until his death over 180 years ago. So I was very pleased when I saw that I could mix my passion for craft and architecture when visiting MADE London at One Marylebone which was designed by Soane himself.

MADE London is fast becoming one of the top selling events for designer makers in the UK. There’s always a great selection of crafters from all over the country showing their work and sharing their stories.  It was the perfect place for me to while away a few hours discovering new crafters, sharing ideas and getting inspired.

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