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London Craft Week

Only 3 days to go until London Craft Week and I am buzzing in anticipation!  In it’s second year, London Craft Week 2016 has grown from 70 events in its first year to over 130 events across London in 5 days.  It’s an action packed programme giving access and a unique behind the scenes view of some of the top luxury craftspeople and brands from the UK and around the world.  Names such as Mulberry, Lalique and Wedgwood  sit beside lesser known names such as shoemaker Sebastian Tarek and tapestry weaver Ben Hyners.  Whether well known or not, they are all shining examples of the passion, skill and imagination of  craftsmanship.

Danny Lane

Steel Console, Danny Lane 2013 – Forged Steel, Scagliola    Photo: Peter Wood

Born out of the desire to celebrate the long history of craft and making, London Craft Week and it’s foundling partner Vacheron Constantin, celebrates the individuality and unique skill of making.  The vision is simple, to promote the beauty and vision of craft and its’ makers.

With a plethera of talks, workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions hosted in some of the most recognisable museums, gallery’s and institutions in the city, there is something for everyone.  There is also the opportunity to visit the inner sanctum of craft with craftspeople and artists throwing open their studio doors and letting the public in to see where the magic happens. From the secrets of bike making hosted at the Design Museum to demonstrations of millinery, stone carving, diamond cutting and furniture making, there is so much to see and do one of me isn’t enough!

Simon Zsolt Jozsef

Dynamic ceramics by Simon Zsolt Jozsef

I am lucky enough to be volunteering for the week and can’t wait to welcome other curious creatives and admirers along to join in the fun, learning, making and exploring how objects are made.  In a world of fast buying, London Craft Week promotes the next revolution of shopping, whether it be as a serious collector or as someone who enjoys living with beautiful objects,  it’s buying objects that have a story and a connection and that will last a lifetime.

Noel Stewart

Modern millinery combining luxury materials and traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation – Noel Stewart Millinery

It wasn’t so long ago that most things were made to order, everything from furniture to fashion was designed, measured and crafted bespoke for the customer.  London Craft Week provides a rare opportunity to  experience what was a standard way of living and buying.  You will have the  chance to meet the makers, see them at work, hear them talk of their passions and inspirations and learn how things are made.  It might even inspire the creative in you to have a go yourself.

Savile Row

Impeccable attention to detail on Savile Row

It all starts on Tuesday 3rd May, so rest the feet over the long weekend and visit the London Craft Week website to start planning. There’s a big week ahead!

Throughout the week I’ll be giving you an insiders view of London Craft Week with a sneak peek of what’s going on, on Instagram, Facebook and right here!  We’d love you to visit and join in. Want our latest posts direct to your inbox? You can sign up here.

Hope to see you there.

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