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New Designers 2015

New Designers is a highlight of the design calendar for me.  At a time when support for craft and design in education is dwindling, it is vital that we support those passionate and creative individuals who embark on the road less travelled of being a designer, designer-maker or craft person.

Judy McKenzie Ceramics & Glass Artist

Some of the most striking work of Judy McKenzie is the result of a accident which led to the exploration of ancient Japanese techniques.

Every year aspiring designers, crafts people and artists complete years of study and experimentation, pushing the boundaries both creatively and materially.  It is an exciting time having completed years of hard work and embarking on a new adventure into the unknown. I recall having just that feeling on leaving university with an architecture degree under my belt many years ago (no need to be specific on how many years ago that was!).  I could never have imagined that I would be where I am now, it certainly hasn’t been a straight forward path.

Rachel Blair Jewellery & Amy Foster Textile Designer

Left: Rachel Blair’s carefull crafted paper becomes the precious jewel set in silver; Right: Amy Foster’s delicate printed silks cross the line between art and textile.

There is always a feast for the eyes at New Designers and there is never enough time to talk to all of the designers and to hear their stories. It is such a unique experience to have first hand access to the creators to discuss their work, what inspires them and their creative processes. I did manage to catch up with some of these amazing talents and will be sharing some of their stories and the secrets behind their work over the coming weeks, so pop by and have a look.

Jennifer Calvey Textile Designer & Fulvia Santangelo Surface Designer

Left: Digital meets craft in the manipulation of fabric with astonishing results in Jennifer Calvey’s work; Right: Urban architecture and nature combine in Fulvia Santangelo’s tiles with a sustainable ethos.

Cheryl Higgins Textile Designer

A unique approach to an everyday material has led to a stunning composition of high-end design which Cheryl Higgins has successfully translated over a number of mediums.

One of the unique features of New Designers is the One Year On showcase, where young designers and crafts people in their first year of business are invited to exhibit their work.  There is a competitive selection process, so you can be sure that you will see some interesting and innovative work of the highest calibre.

Robyn Hinchcliffe Knitted Textiles & Studio LW

Left: Robyn Hinchcliffe’s unique combination of yarns are handwoven to striking effect; Right: Studio LW craft beautiful furniture, exploring and exploiting the natural qualities of wood.

Beth Lewis-Williams Ceramic Lights

Exploiting the traditional technique of lithophanes, Beth Lewis-Williams creates artwork to light a room.

One thing rings true, the creative talent of this country is alive and kicking.  The wealth of talent that exists should be supported and championed, which is what Creative Glutton is all about.



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