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The Beauty of Modern Calligraphy

Dedication is leaving the house early on a Sunday morning to make an hour and a half journey from the depths of west London to a pub in EC1. And no, it wasn’t in search of a hangover cure, but to partake in a Modern Calligraphy workshop with Quill London that I had booked  weeks before.

Quill London Branding

Our beautifully presented beginners kits which we got to take home.

Quill London is a fantastic  online shop with a multitude of accessories suitable for the most die hard of stationary geeks, which I might add I am one!  The talented Megan Riera guided us through the basics. Megan’s handy work is behind the beautiful writing on the signage at Fortnum & Mason’s wine bar and Yum Raw Organic Chocolate.  Just stunning!

Quill London Demonstration 1

Left: Megan demonstrating the techniques; Right: Megan’s beautiful writing.

You have probably noticed there has been a rise in the use of beautiful handwriting and calligraphy over recent years, not so much the traditional copperplate calligraphy which most of my friends learnt in the eighties, but a more modern form.  Modern calligraphy uses the principals of copperplate and then applies them in a more free-form way, allowing the author to create their own style.  An accomplished calligrapher often has many different styles and typefaces and is able to create new variations dependant on the brief.

Quill Workers

Fellow beginners working away, fuelled with delicious pastries and plenty of coffee and tea!

Having never tried anything of this sort before, I found it quite encouraging to see how quickly you can make progress after learning the basic skills.  I’m not about to charge for my services, but I’m quite happy with where I got to after 2 1/2 hours.

Quill My Work

Being a perfectionist, as many creatives are, I found the modern calligraphy style quite refreshing as there is no set outcome.  You are free to create your own style, so there is no right or wrong.  It’s about creating without expectation of the outcome.

Being surprisingly relaxing, not to mention addictive, I can see myself whiling away many an hour scribing some words.  So much so that I have a few little projects in mind…and my eye on a beautiful gold tipped calligraphy nib holder!

Quill London level 2 workshop

Look out world….Quill do a level 2 workshop playing with colour!

Photos: Quill London & Creative Glutton

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